The Buddhist Temple “Demeure sans Limites”

Meditation and Traditional Monastic Life

This Soto Zen Buddhist Temple is located in the Ardèche region of France and is directed by Sensei Joshin Luce Bachoux and Jokei Sensei Lambert.

The Temple lies between forests and meadows and is ideal for retreats and meditation (Za-Zen). It also provides an opportunity to live the traditional life of a Zen temple, such as communal work (Samou) and the sharing of meals. This enables being more present within one’s own life, studying the teachings brought by the Buddha that were passed on within the Zen Buddhist temples of Japan, expanding awareness and experiencing silence.

The Founder is Sensei Joshin Luce Bachoux. In 1991, at the request of her Master Moriyama, she opened and established the Temple “Demeures sans Limites”, where a number of years later she ordained her disciple Jokei Ni. Sensei Joshin Luce Bachoux now lives mainly in Paris, where she continues to teach as well as running retreats in Auroil, Annecy and other regions in and around France. She is at the “Demeures sans Limites” Temple one week in spring and one week in summer.

The teacher Jokei Sensei Lambert welcomes participants and is also now directing “Demeure sans Limites”. She received a transmission from an abbess (Aoyama Shundo Roshi), and has accomplished the two ceremonies of “Zuisse” (certification of Eiheiji and Sojiji).

In order to facilitate your stay in (“Demeure sans limites”, different formulas are proposed.

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