Female teachers

Joshin Luce Bachoux

After first encountering zazen in France, Joshin Bachoux Sensei (Sensei means "teacher" in Japanese) left for Japan, determined to go and live in a temple. She settled in a mountain hermitage called Zuigakuin, of the Soto Zen School, where she practiced under the direction of Master Moriyama. She was ordained at Zuigakuin and received Dharma transmission there in 1989.

Shortly after, she returned to France upon her Master’s request. In 1990 she founded "La Demeure sans Limites" in Ardèche. This temple is open to anyone willing to practice the Way of the Buddha and share a simple life based on meditation and work.

Joshin Bachoux Sensei also taught for several years in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

In 2013, she passed the temple on to her disciple, Jokei Lambert Sensei , and now leads retreats and meditation days in Paris, Auriol (near Marseille), Belgium and other places.

Current project:

Founding a home for elderly nuns and female practitioners of the Buddha’s Way:

"The project I’d like to implement with the help of all interested people is the following: giving other nuns and female Dharma practitioners, from all Buddhist schools, the opportunity to live with a Sangha until their last day, to help each other and support each other in this last adventure, through compassion in action."

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