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Lama Irene (Dorje Drolma)

Lama Irene is Swiss, a Buddhist nun since 1991 and a bhikshuni since 1994.

From 1973 – 1979 she led courses in ‘Jeux dramatiques’, afterwards she worked for 5 years as a teacher for conscious breathing.

1979 she met Trungpa Rinpoche at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, USA, receiving teachings and meditation instructions. In 1981 Lama Ole Nydahl transmitted the Buddhist refuge to her in Karlsruhe.

Inspired by Ayang Rinpoche she started her first solitary retreat for five month in 1982/83 in the Drikung Kagyu Center in Kasardevi, the northern part of India. Shortly after that retreat she met Mahamudra Master Gendun Rinpoche who became her root-lama. Under his guidance she practiced from 1986-1994 in two traditional three-year retreats and received the transmission of the Karma Kagyu lineage within Tibetan Buddhism.

Since 1995 she is authorized by Gendun Rinpoche to teach. She is a founder and part of the Dhagpo Lama Council (a council of peers). For more than 22 years she participated actively in building up the retreat and monastic community (Kundreul Ling) in the Auvergne (France) as well helping to establish the Dhagpo Mandala in German speaking countries.

She teaches a wide range of Tibetan based practices, as there are Mind Training (Lojong), Tonglen Meditation, Chenrezig, White Tara as well as different forms of basic mindfulness and communication with heart.

Her activity also has led her to Brazil and recently to Bhutan, where she took part as a facilitator in the “International Youth Leadership Program” organized by the GNH Center of Gross National Happiness, Thimphu, Bhutan.


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