Female teachers

Lama Yeshe Sangmo (Ilse Pohlan)

Lama Yeshe Sangmo (Ilse Pohland) is the director of the Dharma Center Möhra in Thuringia/Germany, a center for Buddhist studies and meditation.

She is the president of the Association Karma Kündrol Püntsok Ling e.V. and the Karmapa Foundation Möhra.

Lama Yeshe Sangmo worked as an art teacher for eight years. She was married and is the mother of a daughter and the grandmother of two grandchildren.

She met her Teacher Gendün Rinpoche in 1985. Between 1991 and 1997 she completed two traditional three-year retreats under his guidance, and thereby received the transmission of the Karma Kagyü Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Subsequently, she stayed in solitary retreat for another year at the Monastery Dhapo Kündröl Ling in the Auvergne/France.

Lama Yeshe Sangmo took her novice vows in 1991 and her gelongma vows in 2000.

Since 1998 she has been teaching German-speaking region. She was part of the team at the Buddhist Centre Jägerndorf in Lower Bavaria, and lived in the Monastery Dhagpo Kündrol Ling in France until 2005.

Besides imparting the traditional contents of the Karma-Kagyü- School, her teachings for adults focus on the subjects of: death and dying, mindfulness and compassion, how to deal with thoughts and emotions in daily life and the seven-point mind training (Lojong).

She developed a course programme for children and young adults. As well as learning meditation - and mindfulness practices, children and young adults can also experience the way they handle and express their emotions in daily life, in new ways. Her joyful teaching style reaches the children and young adults directly and Lama Yeshe Sangmo discusses with them what they have experienced, how the mind functions and why one meditates in the first place.


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