Female teachers

Sylvia Wetzel

Born 1949, she experiments with paths to inner and outer liberation since 1968 and practices buddhism since 1977, mainly in the the Tibetan tradition. For fifteen years she was board member of the German Buddhist Union and for twelve years editor of the Buddhist Quarterly "Lotusblätter" (lotus leaves).

She helped inaugurate the International Association of Buddhist Women Sakyadhita (Bodhgaya 1987), is founding member of the Network of Western Buddhist Teachers (Dharamsala 1993) and is currently President of the Buddhist Academy Berlin Brandenburg (Berlin 2001).

With her critical and creative approach to European culture and gender issues the author and buddhist meditation teacher is one of the pioneers of Buddhism in Europe since the Mid-Eighties.


  • Worte wirken Wunder. Reden mit Herz und Verstand, Theseus 2007
  • Das Herz des Lotos. Frauen und Buddhismus, Fischer,1999
  • Hoch wie der Himmel, Theseus, 1999
  • Leichter Leben, Theseus, 2002


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