Taraloka (the realm of Tara) is a Buddhist Retreat Centre for women based in Shropshire, on the border of England and Wales.

Taraloka was established in 1985 to meet the need for women Buddhists to deepen their meditation and Dharma practice together, as well as to deepen practice through shared work and community living.

Taraloka is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a movement founded in 1967 by Sangharakshita.

The Triratna Buddhist Community seeks to establish Buddhist principles in the modern world, drawing inspiration from the whole of the Buddhist tradition as well as from Western art and culture.

The Triratna Buddhist Community has public centres in many cities throughout the world.

Taraloka holds a year-round programme of events and retreats ranging from weekends to two-week retreats, run by women for women.

Taraloka's programme provides retreats for women at every level of involvement in meditation or Buddhism, and is rooted in the practice of mindfulness and metta as well as the practice of Buddhist ethics.



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