We wish to support activities for and from Buddhist women and nuns and to make them known in our countries and in the whole of Europe.

Aims of Sakyadhita

  • Establish an international alliance of Buddhist women
  • Advance the spiritual and secular welfare of the women world-wide
  • Work for gender equality in Buddhist education, training, institutional structures, and ordination
  • Promote harmony and dialogue among Buddhist traditions and other religions
  • Encourage research and publications on topics of interest to Buddhist women
  • Foster compassionate social action for the benefit of humanity
  • Promote world peace through the teachings of the Buddha

Exchange of information is indispensable to reach these aims. Due to the diversity of languages in Europe, members of Sakyadhita have created this website to:

  • Facilitate support for social and educational projects for Buddhist women and nuns in Asia and in Europe
  • Address the issue of gender equality among Buddhist institutions and society in the field of education, training and ordination
  • Establish and publish a reliable multilingual collection of texts, teachings and literature for and from Buddhist women
  • Promote dialogue among Buddhist traditions and other religions in the field of gender equality
  • Develop the multilingual and multi-traditional network of like-minded women and men in Europe
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