Association Ekuthuleni (France)

‘Ekuthuleni’ means a cleared, warm quality of quietness, of peace.

With teachings rooted in the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah, this place offers meditation retreats emphasizing simplicity and presence, inner and outer. As in Ajahn Chah’s teachings, there is a special place for the link between our own being and nature – the dharma that shines forth here. Based in the foothills of the Pyrenees Ekuthuleni is surrounded by a richness of hills and oak forests, with a large meditation platform in the trees.

Ekuthuleni offers retreats in silence, group retreats (sometimes with contemplative walking/ sacred chanting) as well as solitary retreats and activity retreats for individuals. The retreats are guided by the co-founders of the association (Noon and Sumedha) or by invited teachers, in particular nuns from the Forest Tradition, with whom they have a strong link. They also invite Sanghaseva, who emphasize the connection between meditation and social/environmental awareness.

The dharma activities of Ekuthuleni are offered with a heart of practice and integrity. There is a small deposit for each retreat but otherwise the association depends on dana (donations). As they aim to live well and reflectively with each other they keep the five Buddhist precepts and ask all who participate in their activities to respect these whist guests are with them.

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