PASDB Association for sustainable social action in Burma

The humanitarian and non-profit association of general interest PASDB (Pour une Action Sociale Durable en Birmanie), is financing several social programs for education, micro credits and construction of wells in Burma.

One project is for example “The Schoolbag of Hope” which consists in Schooling or re-schooling young orphans and able-bodied or handicapped children from underprivileged families living in absolute poverty.

This program serves to protect children partly against forced recruitment and partly against prostitution rings that are very active in Burma and in Thailand.

Sakyadhita is particularly interested in helping the monastery-orphanage of Hhaing Tharyar. The number of students dramatically increased after the Nargys cyclone, which devastated Burma on the 8th of May, 2008 (causing more than 140 000 deaths and disappearances). It currently houses 51 teachers and more than 2000 boys and girls, whom are taken in charge until their final examinations. Once they have passed these examinations, the students teach the younger ones for a year. Then they may either start living their adult lives or remain in the monastery as monks or nuns.

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